Top of mind with your employer brand

Because it could decrease your hiring costs by 43%

Top of mind with your employer brand

Because it could decrease your hiring costs by 43%

Start with your what,
how and why

So you want to stand out as an employer in the war for talent and become top of mind? And you’re proud of what you do and why you do it? Good, because that’s an excellent way to get more and better candidates.

Employer branding

Olympic sprint for nuclear science

How can we position SCK•CEN as a societal relevant employer for engineers and scientist in the long-term and across the world?

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How to CRAFT
a unique employer brand

But wait, what’s your identity as an employer, your employee value proposition? Let’s figure out your what, how and why together – and create the matching creative strategy to get your candidates’ eyebrows moving in all directions. Say hi to your employer brand.

If all goes well, you won’t need to keep funneling precious funds to those expensive head hunters. All because you’re on the map, not because you’re paying media.

And remember: (future) employees first. Delighted employees make for good business, which makes for good candidates.

So make sure you have an outstanding, mobile-friendly job website with relevant stories and a smooth application experience. Instead of those impersonal, cumbersome application systems we are all sadly familiar with – yes, you know, you all have one of those.

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